How to Publish Audio to WordPress from Your iPhone

If you are are trying to figure out how to publish audio to WordPress from your iPhone, you should definitely check out Mobile Podcaster. Our app makes it easy to record audio and post it directly to your WordPress site all from your iPhone. Unlike other podcasting apps, your audio will be saved on your WordPress site, which means that you have full control and ownership over your audio files.

Other apps store your audio on their servers, which is OK, but if those services ever go away, your files will no longer be accessible. It could be a small nightmare for you, so take this into consideration.

Mobile Podcaster is a long list of very powerful features, such as the ability to record, pause, rename, add a description, add an image and more. You can also upload your audio recordings to your server via FTP from your iPhone or iPad if you want. This is great for folks using Libsyn.

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