* Please upgrade to the newest version of Mobile Podcaster (2.7.2). Some users on older versions have reported that the most recent recording will not Play. To fix this, tap the Stop button one extra time and all episode functionality will work as normal … or just upgrade to the newest version.

If you have any questions, please email Support at

Mobile Podcaster is an iOS app that lets you record and publish podcast episodes to your self installed WordPress site. Whether you podcast on a regular basis or simply want to add audio to your WordPress blog, Mobile Podcaster makes it easy and saves you significant time. If you are publishing to a site, there is a limit of 15 minutes recording time due to the upload limits built into WordPress.


  • A WordPress website – either or 
  • Either 3.6 or newer, or an older version of an site with a WordPress podcasting plugin that plays .m4a audio files (there are several, such as BluBrry Powerpress) 
  • sites require a Premium Upgrade to allow audio file uploads to the media library. This is beyond our control. You can purchase a Premium Upgrade from your Admin Dashboard.

New: Sound Library for Intro and Outro

To add an Intro or Outro to your recording you must first add the Intro or Outro recording to the Sound Library at Setting > Sound Library. Here you can record an Intro / Outro or import an MP3 or M4A from Dropbox, iCloud and other apps on your device. These recordings will then be available later when you want to add them as an Intro or Outro to a specific podcast episode.

Error Handling

  • Communications Error– this means one of three things.
    • First, check the WordPress Site settings you loaded into Mobile Podcaster. The URL, username and password must be exact. Don’t forget to include http:// in your URL.
    • Second, if you’re trying to publish to a site, make sure you have purchased the Premium Upgrade on to accommodate the uploading of audio files. This is beyond our control.
  • No Internet Connection Found – make sure you’re connected to the Internet to upload your podcast. This may be either wifi or cell connection (for example, 3G or 4G).

General Trouble Shooting

  • To delete a recording swipe left on the name of the recording on the homescreen.
  • Longer Recordings Won’t Upload – Because longer recordings are larger files, you may run the risk of exceeding the default maximum file upload size settings in your WordPress site. Follow these instructions to adjust these settings.


Press the Record button to start recording. Speak clearly into the microphone. Recording will continue in the background if the device goes to sleep. To stop recording press the Stop button. There is a limit of 15 minutes recording time, due to several factors.

Playback Recordings

Click on the recording file name from the homepage to playback your recording.

Delete a Recording

Swipe your finger to the left over the name of a recording to delete the recording.

Audio Quality

Choose the Quality button from the main menu on the home screen to change the default quality setting for future recordings. You have three choices of recording quality:

  • Low @ 11025.0 Hz
  • Medium @ 22050.0 Hz
  • High @ 44100.0 Hz

Please keep in mind that the high the quality, the bigger the file size. Larger files will take up more space on your device, take longer to upload and more bandwidth to deliver online.


A key feature of Mobile Podcaster is the ability upload your recordings directly to your WordPress site from the app and create a new blog post in the process. Traditionally, this process is quite laborious, but Mobile Podcaster makes it very simple.

To get started, click on Upload from the recording Details page. At this point you must be connected to the Internet. If not, you will receive a warning and be returned to the Details page.

Select a WordPress site to which you would like to upload your recording and blog post. If your site is not listed, return to the main Settings page and add your site. Click Upload and wait for the progress indicator to stop. You’ll receive a popup confirmation that the upload was successfully completed. Congratulations!


The settings button on the main menu allows you to change the default options for future podcast episodes. Any changes made to these settings will only effect future recordings. To change the settings on any episodes previously recording, click on the blue chevron to the right of the recording. You’ll find the same options available for both the default setting and previous recording settings.

WordPress Site

To link an existing WordPress Site, choose the Add icon. Fill in the following information and click Save.

  • Site Title: This is the title of the website for your reference. It does not have to be the exact title of your site.
  • URL: This is the web address of your WordPress site.
  • Username: This is your WordPress site admin username.
  • Password: This is your WordPress site admin password.

You may remove a linked WordPress site at any time by simply swiping left on the name of the site in the WordPress Sites list.


The description you provide here is the main content of your post when uploaded to your WordPress site. If you are sending your podcast on to iTunes, it will also be the description for your podcast episode in iTunes. You may include HTML markup in the description, such as text formatting and links.

Before / After

These are paragraphs of text that come before and after the audio file. For example, if you podcast on a regular basis, this feature is great because you can have a standard blurb before and after every episode. It’s different than the description in that this section usually never changes over time, whereas the description is specific to each episode.

Audio Enclosure

This feature wraps your audio file with a piece of code. Most WordPress audio player plugins require a shortcode to activate the media player. For example, BluBrry Powerpress requires that you include powerpress in brackets [ ] before the audio link and after then link.

Embed Position

When you publish you new post to WordPress, you have the choice as to whether the audio file is at the top of the post before the description or at the bottom of the post after the description.


Already using categories on your blog? Great, because you can add categories to your podcast episodes too. For new podcast episodes and blog posts to reflect the category when upload to your WordPress site, the category must previously exist in your site. To add a new category in WordPress, login to your WordPress site, go to Posts >; Categories menu.

On the Categories screen you can add new categories and select which will be used by default or in individual episodes by checking them off.

Post Status

This option lets you decide if you want new posts to be saved in Draft or Published mode on your WordPress site. Some folks want to get their message out right away so Published status makes sense. Others want to continue editing the blog post once it has been uploaded so Draft status makes sense.

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