Episode 5: How to Publish a Podcast on WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular places for podcasters to host their podcast, since it already has many of the necessary tools built-in, plus some great plugins that make it so easy.

First, you want the self-installed version of WordPress available at WordPress.org. You can get a great hosting deal at Bluehost.

Next you need to install a podcasting plugin to manage your podcast. I prefer the BluBrry PowerPress Plugin, which allows you to publish your podcast on your website and iTunes.

Personally, I like to podcast from my iPhone or iPad and find it frustrating to log into my computer and transfer files and publish new podcast episodes. I use my Mobile Podcaster to do this.

This podcast episode was recorded on my iPhone and automatically uploaded to this website and iTunes using the Mobile Podcaster iPhone App.  For more information visit http://www.mobilepodcaster.com

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