Episode 4: How to Publish a Podcast with your Mac

Recording a podcast on your Mac is pretty simple really. You want to use an application called Garageband.

When you open Garageband, you’re given the option to create a podcast episode. Select that option and when your new file opens up, you can start recording right away. Just click on the Record button at the bottom.

Garageband also allows you to add some music to the beginning or end of your recording.

Once complete, select Share and either send to iTunes or Save to Disc as MP3. you’ll want to then upload this MP3 to your website. I use WordPress along with the BluBrry Powerpress Podcasting Plugin so that everything is accessible to my listeners and I can publish to iTunes.

This podcast episode was recorded on my iPhone and automatically uploaded to this website and iTunes using the Mobile Podcaster iPhone App.  For more information visit http://www.mobilepodcaster.com

These two videos show you some of the equipment I use to podcast and a demo of Garageband for recording and editing your podcast.

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