Episode 3: Choosing a Microphone for your Podcast

Podcasters agree that one of the most important details of podcasting is choosing the right microphone.

There are a number of options based on your budget, style and subject.

1. You can use your mobile phone. Most smart phones, such as the iPhone or iPad, have very good built-in recording capabilities and if you plan on recording on the go, this may be a great option for you.

2. There are a number of great USB condensor mics on the market. I personally like the Samson CO1U, which is a about $75 on Amazon. These offer great quality but are not as mobile and cost a bit more.

3. Most computers have a built-in microphone which is adequate in very quiet environments. I’ve recorded several podcast episodes on my Macbook with no external mic and they sound great.

4. Lapel mics are also a good choice if your computer microphone is not giving you adequate quality. You can pick on of these up for $25 at Radio Shack.

5. Another option is a microphone & headphones combination headset. Logitech makes a number of these and they’re popular among gamers and Skype users. They usually run about $30-$50.

6. You can also go high-end and spend $500-$1000 on a professional mic from a music store.

In all cases, choose a quite environment for the best recording quality for your podcast.

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