Episode 2: Branding your Podcast

Branding your podcast is important because like any marketing channel it should reflect your culture, support your go-to-market strategy and share the same voice that your market has come to expect.

Typical podcast branding considerations include:

  1. Name of your podcast – the name of your podcast should be attractive and relate to your overall brand
  2. iTunes artwork – try to create a podcast album cover that’s appealing and matches the over color scheme of your brand
  3. Keyword rich podcast description – because iTunes is a search engine of sort, it’s important to consider the words and phrases that people will use to search for and find your podcast
  4. Audio quality – there are a number of audio quality options, so choose one that provides clear recording yet does not produce files that are too big
  5. Style – are you going to be serious, conservative, funny, conversational?  What style matches your brand?
  6. Call-to-action – what do you want listeners to do next?

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