Episode 12: 4 Ways to Monetize your Podcast

Are you interested in earning money online? Have you ever considered monetizing your podcast to make some extra cash? It’s a very popular option that many podcasters take advantage of today, so let’s learn how it works.

First, let me say that monetization is not for everyone. In fact, some podcasters are adamantly opposed to pushing products on their audience for they feel it interrupts the conversation and compromises the intent of the podcast. Others, however, see monetization as a great way to leverage their audience and make some money to support the podcast. Producing a podcast is, after all, a lot of work and shouldn’t the host have the opportunity to earn some compensation in return?

Promote affiliate products
The simplest way to make money with your podcast is to promote a product or service through an affiliate link. For example, I know my listeners are interested in smartphones and podcasting, so I signed up to be an affiliate at Amazon.com. In my podcast, I can promote the Glif smartphone tripod mount and instruct my listeners to visit mobilepodcaster.com/glif to find the right model on Amazon.com. If the listener (you) visit my link and buy something on Amazon, I get a small commission on purchase of between 4% and 8.5% depending on my monthly affiliate purchase volume. Other programs pay out a flat fee, such as Bluehost at $65.

Sell Advertising
Another potential method for making money with your podcast is to sell advertising. The success of advertising depends greatly on the size of your audience since advertisers aren’t going to want to invest in your podcast if you only have a small handful of listeners. Conversely, if your podcast has a big following, you can expect advertisers to approach you. Set up a advertising page with a form on your website so that potential advertisers can contact you specifically for this purpose.

Promote your own products or services
If you have a product or service to sell, your podcast may serve as a great platform to promote it and in turn can earn money when people buy, even if you sell a healthy supplement like nutrio2. You can think of the podcast as a means to generate awareness, or you could use your podcast as a set of tutorials for your product, thereby generating consideration for your product. The best part of this strategy is that you earn a greater percentage on every sale, 100% in fact. I use this approach on this podcast and it work very well to promote my Mobile Podcaster apps.

What monetization strategies have you tried? What are some other tactics you’ve considered?

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Episode 11: Podcast Production And Distribution Workflow

Welcome back to another episode of Mobile Podcaster. Today I want to talk about the process for podcasting and what is the right workflow for your podcast. There are many options and the right solution depends on many factors.

There are potentially a lot of steps involved in creating and distributing a podcast. Of course, as with anything, over time you’re going to get better at the process and discover what exactly works for your situation.

There are many things to consider when looking at the overall workflow for your podcast. It’s not as simple as just recording some audio. You need to consider planning, set up, recording, editing, publishing, and distribution of your podcast.

Episode 11: Podcast Production And Distribution Workflow

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