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Mobile Podcaster is the only app that uploads audio directly to your WordPress site!

Record podcasts on your iPhone and publish to WordPress

Record Your Podcast

Simply press the Record button and speak into your iPhone or iPad to record. Record up to 15 minutes. When you are finished hit Stop and your recording is saved. Save as many recordings as you wish and delete those you no longer need. Choose from three sound quality options to suit your recording needs.

Connect Your Website

You can connect Mobile Podcaster to one or many of your WordPress sites. First, enable XLM-RPC publishing on your site and then enter your login credentials in Mobile Podcaster. When you publish a new episode you can choose which site to publish to. Mobile Podcaster works with sites too!

Publish audio to your WordPress site with Mobile Podcaster for iPhone
Rename and add a new description to your podcast with Mobile Podcaster for iPhone

Customize Your Episode

Customize the name & description of your recording which will correspond to the title & content of your WordPress post when published. Choose if you want the audio to embed before or after the description and customize the embed shortcode you would like to use in conjunction with your WordPress audio player.

Prepare for Upload

Add one or multiple Categories to your recordings so they are categorized correctly in WordPress. Save time by creating a default paragraph that goes before and/or after every audio file that’s uploaded to your new blog posts.

Assign WordPress categories to your podcast with Mobile Podcaster for iPhone
Post podcast recordings to WordPress with Mobile Podcaster for iPhone

Publish to Your Site

Choose if you want new podcast episodes to upload with a Draft, Published, Private or Pending status. Click Publish and your podcast episode will upload to your site and a new post will be added including all the options you have selected. If you are using one of the popular, free podcasting plugins on your site, your podcast episode will feed to iTunes as normal.

… or Send via Email

Not ready to upload but would rather share with someone via email? No problem, Mobile Podcaster gives you the option to send your recording via email as well.

Assign WordPress categories to your podcast with Mobile Podcaster for iPhone

Podcast to WordPress Directly from iPad or iPhone

Mobile Podcaster Features and Benefits

Mobile Podcaster has been designed to make podcasting from your iPad or iPhone super easy. Here are just some of the powerful features of Mobile Podcaster …

  • Works with Popular WordPress Plugins: Mobile Podcaster is designed to work with the most popular WordPress podcasting plugin, Blubrry PowerPress. It’s a great solution for both new and experienced podcasters.
  • Control How Episodes Are Published: Mobile Podcaster makes it easy to choose whether new episodes will automatically publish posts, held in draft mode for further editing, marked private and held as pending.
  • Build Great Blog Content: Each podcast episode is automatically imported into your site as a new blog post with title, content for the body of your post and your podcast episode! Creating content has never been so easy!
  • Build a Highly Engaging Podcast: With Mobile Podcaster you can publish new podcast episodes on the go without the need to login to your computer. Simply record your podcast on your iPad or iPhone and Mobile Podcaster will handle the rest!
  • Save Your Audio Directly to Your Site: With Mobile Podcaster, your audio files are securely stored in your WordPress Uploads directory
  • Easy to Follow Training & Tutorials: Mobile Podcaster comes packed with a robust help section right in the app, plus links to Support videos and tutorials.

If you need to know more about how to use any of our features, you can follow our super-clear video tutorials all recorded in HD in English. Here are a few reasons you will love Mobile Podcaster …

  • Mobile Podcaster just works! I’ve been using the Mobile Podcaster system since January of 2011 and have published dozens of podcast episodes on my blog and to iTunes without ever touching my computer.
  • Mobile Podcaster gives you freedom to podcast from anywhere and anytime – no need for expensive recording equipment or a computer once you’ve setup everything up.
  • Mobile Podcaster saves you time, because there’s no need to manually transfer podcast recordings and go through the process of creating a new blog post for each episode. It’s all on autopilot!
  • Mobile Podcaster gives you security, because unlike some mobile podcasting applications, your audio files are stored on your server. This means you have more control of your files and don’t have to worry about a 3rd party company losing your precious podcast episodes.
  • Mobile Podcaster is easy to setup and comes packed with detailed instructions and video tutorials to make sure you have the very best experience.

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